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Det bidde en klänning.

I dag skiner solen och värmer riktigt bra så nu tar jag eftermiddagskaffet ute på altanen.

Postat av: Mariano Saviello

Dear Sylvia Friej;

My name is Mariano R. Saviello, I am from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I work as a Biotechnologist in a laboratory of Vegetal Biotechnology.

As far as I remember from the ´Hippeastrum Yahoo group´I have seen you grow a beautiful Hippeastrum pardinum.

I will be doing a research in this species (and other species of Hippeastrum as well) and would like to get in touch with you to get some information on H. pardinum. As I have not found your e-mail anywhere, I would like you to contact me privately to the following address:

Sending my warmest regards from Argentina, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mariano Saviello.

PS: what a beautiful girl in the picture! Is she your daughter?. She looks so sweet! :D

2010-03-30 @ 05:14:25

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